(P) Mehdi Mokhtari - Nafas

(P) Peter Hammer - Lone Tree

(P) Swarnendu Ghosh - Adobe

(P) Hong Li - Village Class

(P) Chin - Chin Tsai - Successful

(P) Galin Rachev - Rain Of Dandelions

(P) Plamen Kozhuharov - Hair

(P) Riksa Dewantara - Life Goes On

(P) Du Yi - The Beauty

(P) Marcel van Balken - Passage


OPEN (color) – FIAP, PSA PID

OPEN (monochrome) – FIAP, PSA PID

NATURE (color/mono) – FIAP, PSA PND

CREATIVE (color/mono) – FIAP, PSA PID

PEOPLE (color/mono) – FIAP PI, PSA PID

FACE AND BODY (color/mono) – FIAP, PSA PID


24 Gold medals – FIAP, PSA, GPU, IPSV
18 Silver medals – FIAP, PSA, IPSV
18 Bronze medals – FIAP, PSA, IPSV
36 FIAP Honorable Mention Ribbons
18 PSA Honorable Mention Ribbons
12 GPU Honorable Mention Ribbons
18 Judges Choice

6 PSV Diplomas
6 Best Author In Section
1 FIAP Award ”Best Author” SLBP

1 Special Club Cup Award


Closing date: 10th July 2017
Judging:  11th – 13st July 2017
Notification: 27th July 2017
Exhibition and slide show date: 1st September 2017 See Garden Varna – Grand Outdoor Exhibition and at other locations.
Mailing of the awards and catalogues to the authors by August 2017.